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Cleansing Face Oil

Cleansing Face Oil

Ever washed your face with oil? The oil in our wash attaches to any oil left over from makeup or sunscreen, dissolving them to leave your skin extra clean. Because it is oil based, your skin is left moisturized, not dry. Our face oil is infused with farm grown lavender to promote healing. We believe the best products should have the lowest impact on the earth. These are low waste and have minimal packaging. This item comes in a glass jar. Please partake in our jar return program to earn discounts on future purchases!

  • Ingredients

    Grapeseed infused with healing herbs grown on our farm, essential oil.  Yup.  That's it.

  • How To

    Open the jar, dab your fingers in the oil, gently scrub it into your whole face (just like a soap or other cleanser), grab a damp washcloth, wipe the oil off, wait a few seconds for it to soak in and you are ready to rock and roll!


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