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Grass Fed Lamb Share

Grass Fed Lamb Share

Our Icelandic sheep are pasture raised with no antibiotics. Icelandic sheep are known for their lean meat, dense protein, and mild flavor. All of our sheep are raised on pasture, with access to freshwater, minerals, and salt. We keep our moms and lambs together all the time, because no one knows how to raise their baby better than their mom. Some people compare the flavor of Icelandic meat to that of grass fed beef, rich in flavor without being too gamey. Our lamb shares come as two options: whole and half shares at $9/lb. Whole shares weigh between 40-50lbs. Half shares weigh between 20-25lbs and are perfect for smaller families or those who eat less meat.


Icelandic sheep are a heritage breed known for their hardiness, intelligence, and diversity of appearance. Originally brought to Iceland by Erik the Red, this breed of sheep has been genetically modified only by their environment, instead of being shaped and modified by human intervention. Icelandic sheep are known as a triple purpose breed, able to produce quality wool, lean and mild flavored meat, and a significant volume of milk.


Once you’ve placed a down payment, we will send you an email with the information about how to choose your cut preferences and pick up your meat. Our lambs will be processed starting mid September and going into the end of October,  and be picked up directly from the butcher in Dennison, MN.


    Farm food is not eligible for shipping. Please select “local pick up” when checking out and we will coordinate with you directly for pick up.

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