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Whole duck

Whole duck

Our duck is pasture raised with constant access to the outdoors and no antibiotics. Pasture raised allows for the ducks to grow as nature intended: out in the fresh air and sunshine, able to forage for seeds, bugs & worms. With many thanks to our Livestock Gaurdian Dog, Commander Shepherd, we are able to leave our coop open at all times, even at night. Giving our birds the opportunity to decide for themselves where they want to sleep. 


We have partnered with a local processor to ensure that our birds final day is as low stress as possible.  The less stress the animal experiences, the lower the cortisol levels in your meat. You can taste the difference with each juicy bite!


We are currently out of stock with our duck, but do have pre orders available for pick up on Sept 12th.  We ask for a $5 deposit for each whole duck and then will contact you directly with weight options and the remaining payment.  Our duck is priced at $6/lbs.

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