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Farm Grown for the Home.

Boomflower Farm was born from the idea that farm grown doesn't stop at food.  Locally and naturally made can be in every aspect of life: from your dinner plate to your shower, to your closet.  

As stewards of the land, we commit ourselves to focusing on local and thoughtfully grown. Local ingredients keep money in our communities, decrease the environmental impact, and guarantee knowledge of how the product is made. We partner with the land and animals to create a sustainable ecosystem that improves soil health while providing the necessary nutrition to our animals.

By incorporating farm grown ingredients like medicinal herbs, honey, and lanolin from sheep's wool, we create effective and healing skin care and hair care products. You can find a variety of foods grown on our farm, from chicken and lamb, to eggs and milk.  The wool from our sheep is made into bedding, roving, and other textile products. 

Farm Fresh Finds


Meet the Farmer

Hi, I'm Katy and I'm the farmer behind Boomflower Farm.  My husband and I moved onto our farm in 2020 and quickly brought in our sheep, cows, and poultry and made plans to grow the business. I work full time as a mental health therapist off the farm while also running our farm.  

I wear many hats: farmer, therapist, land steward, animal welfare manager, entrepreneur, designer, researcher, advertiser and product developer. 

We're so local, we're right here.

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